Hey, Punit! I'm amazed that today's poem was inspired by my little essay. I'm so glad I was able to impart the strong feelings I had that made me want to write about this subject. Truly, clothing items, and for us, T-shirts especially, are a testament to the story that we've lived through so far. The T-shirts we're drawn to buying, the T-shirts we throw out because they no longer represent us, but also the ones we decide to keep, because even though they're old, they still feel like a part of our story. Thanks so much for the shout-out and congrats on the wonderful poem.

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Such a lovely poem Punit. It reminded me of one of my favourite podcasts - 'Everything is alive'.

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my old t-shirts

tey have three colours

the first color

is what you can see

lying in the meadow

and looking at the sky

where they float lazily

those that are color my old t- shirt

sometimes a bird flies by

you reach out your hand

and you almost have it

and it's only lost

in your imagination

the second colour is like looking

into the abyss of a cosmic hole

and the third colour

is just where these

two black holes

can meet together

my old t-shirts have

only three colours

without patterns


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